Blue Creations Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing stainless steel watch, titanium watch, bronze watch and carbon fiber watch with high quality standards.
It has been serving as a manufacturer and trader for many customers from Italy, England, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, America and Australia.
With its core business of ODM & OEM services, over the years we have supplied superior quality watches to many brands all over the world and enjoyed great reputation in this field.
Since its foundation, quality has always been rooted in the historical values of the company, we do believe that quality also means respecting customers and valuing employees.
This has been possible thanks to our customers, who choose us day after day, and thanks to our employees who devote themselves on delivering what our company stands for.

We are a watch manufacturer, with more than 30 years experience in producing timepieces.

In-house design and R&D teams with established experience, allows us to quickly answer to
demanding requirements and create from scratch whole programs and collections with rigorous quality standards.

We also provides the following services:
* Full QC lab with IQC, EQC, QA and FQC dedicated teams.
* 2d and 3d designs teams, allowing fast prototyping services.
* Multiple packing systems with security tags, bar coding, QR codes among others.
* Large warehouse facilities if you need to ship via pallets.

Our core competencies in manufacturing watches include the following types of products:

* Cases: Stainless steel, Titanium, Ceramic, Bronze, Carbon fiber, Aluminium, Damascus steel and more. 
* Trim: A certified setting and sorting team for diamonds and precious stones.
* Movements: All types of analogs, from quartz to automatics, Japanese and Swiss.


As an independent watch manufacturer, we perform rigorous inspections during all stages of the manufacturing process to ensure total integrity of all materials used and an end product of consistently high quality and optimum functionality.

Before any watch is dispatched from our facility, it is checked for accuracy, reliability and water resistance by one of our engineers, according to our strict guidelines.
A computer controlled air pressure device is used to check for water resistance.
This process detects any leak and the level of water resistance of the watch is determined.

Blue Creations implements a Total Quality Management (TQM) methodology - a strategy in which all members of an organization participate in improving products, services, and organizational processes.
TQM has been successfully applied in manufacturing, education, government, and service industries, as well as NASA space and science programs.
TQM provides an umbrella under which the efforts of everyone in an organization is geared toward success through customer satisfaction.

TQM is composed of three paradigms:
* Total: the entire organization is involved
* Quality: at all levels and all processes
* Management: at all the steps such as Planning, Organizing, Controlling, Leading, provisioning…
TQM generally starts by sampling a random selection of the product to ensure integrity. Then, the sample is further tested for issues that matter most to the end users.
During this process, the causes of any failures are isolated and secondary measures are designed to correct them.
In fact, after TQM has been implemented it’s very common for parts to be redesigned, resulting in a better end product for users and lower manufacturing costs.

We are glad to present ourselves to you, an opportunity for us to share our competencies, company values and what we consider essential in our business with you.

We hope that this will be a valuable tool for you and, as always, we appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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